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Parenting and Childcare

The act of parenting and childcare is universal to all societies but how it is done differ from society to society and from culture to culture. What is acceptable in one society can be totally unacceptable in another. Culture specificity and strongly agreed upon social norms can impact heavily on the way we bring up children, take care of them or train them in socially acceptable behaviors and manners.

Social change, modern forms of parenting, current sex and gender specifications, changes in the family structures have also impacted heavily on parenting and childcare all over the world. Parents’ authority and how they enforce discipline at home have also changed immensely. Multicultural parenting is there becoming a phenomenon or practice which needs more attention especially in societies which has dominantly been homogenous like Norway. It is important for parents and children with multicultural background to learn and understand what is acceptable and how to adapt to the society and culture where they belong and at the same time preserve the good norms, behaviors and or practices of their own background or culture.