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What is the role of grandparents in a changing world?

Coronavirus and lockdown, how do remote grandparents continue to give support?

What is the new role of grandparents in a changing world? From a remote location, how can they continue to play a role in the family? What support does a parent or a grandchild need? In lockdown, or similar situations how do they continue this support? 

How can grandchildren bond with remote grandparents and build a close relationship?  With internet and possibility of travel and changing times, there are new possibilities to make, keep and grow relationships. How does this work for you? Is it a grandparent reading bedtime stories? Is it help with homework online? Is it just being available to talk and play?

Traditionally Grandparents are often a close support for families while parents work and need babysitters in the home setting. They can bring balance and give grandchildren and parents emotional and physical support. But Grandparents in many countries now work themselves, lives have changed, and their role is different to previously where they would stay home and look after the grandchildren while the parents went to work. For some this has not changed, but for many this is often a new reality.

In choosing a remote life from grandparents who have a different view on life, a different reality, perspective and understanding of everyday life and the realities of living in a different country can be an important learning for grandchildren. How does this work for multicultural parents?

Written by : Ann Elisabeth Seach