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Food and Cultural Exhibition 2021

A multicultural parenting and childcare organization in Norway, Passion For Difference (PFD) in collaboration with the Ghana Union Vestland & Associates will hold a Food and Cultural Exhibition in Bergen.

The maiden Food and Cultural event are scheduled to take place on Saturday, October 16, 2021, starting at  11:00 am at the Bergen International Cultural Center in Norway.

The event is aimed at exhibiting some Ghanaian traditional dishes as well as other African and continental dishes for all above the age of 6 years.

The exhibition will also be used as a platform to educate and showcase children born in Norway with lineage from Ghana, some of the best cultural practices both from Africa and also Euro-Africa.

Addressing the press, the Founder of PFD, Gifty Ohenewaa Nordbø said the children are the future leaders and thus the need for them to learn best cultural practices that will shape their lives in Norway now and in the future.

“The main goal for this [October] event is to involve our children and others in our daily activities such as dress, food, and culture” she stressed.

“On a daily basis, our children are exposed to Norwegian foods and culture at school, with their friends, and even when they are at home.  The challenge has always been how we as parents, coming from cultures (whether Nigerian, Ghanaian, Liberian, etc) that are customarily different from those of Norway, to involve our children in our culture and customs and help them find a balance and blend the two. So this maiden Food and Cultural event is a golden opportunity to bring some of our culture and customs closer to our children and their friends and help them understand and embrace differences. The chance to meet and prepare food with the children is just the start of the learning process” Gifty Ohenewaa Nordbø told the press.

Gifty Nordbø stressed the importance of the event which she is optimistic will create a conducive atmosphere and an arena for interaction for children within the country.

Some Ghanaian cooking utensils, artifacts, clothing, foods, etc will be on display at the exhibition for the children to see.

The event which is open to the general public is expected to be graced by Norwegians, Ghanaians, and other nationals from the African continent. 

Speakers expected at the event include officials from Bergen Kommune, Frifond, Ghana Union Vestland & Associates, The Church of Pentecost International, Norway, and other partners.

The exhibition is being funded by Frifond, with support from Bergen Kommune.