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The Role of Language

Conversation between mum and son one Saturday Morning: In Norwegian Language.

Son: Mum, do you know if I have to study to become a lawyer or doctor or pilot or even YouTuber, I have to get all 6s or 5s? (Straight As or B+ /BS)

Mum: Yes, that’s true. You have to work very hard in secondary school and at the university.

Son: That will be very difficult

Mum: Yes, but it’s not all that difficult. You just must set small goals for yourself and follow it gradually.

Son:Oh that’s what you think. It is very difficult to get all 6 and 5 (As & Bs)

Mum:But you know mum was able to do it, mum got all 6 & 5 (As & Bs) when she studied at the university, so it’s not impossible.

Son: Are you kidding me? You mean you got all 6& 5?

Mum: Yes. I never had even a 4 (C) Mum was very good in school

Son: “Then why are you so stupid???”

Mum: Hahahah, my boy, that is a very good question. Mum is not stupid at all, it just because mum had to learn Norwegian as a grown up, start thinking in Norwegian, and using it as a language. Sometimes mum doesn’t find the words she wants to use, other times, she can’t even express herself the way she wants to, that makes her look and sound stupid. But if everything was in English or mum’s mother’s tongue, you will realize she is a smart woman.

Son:Hmm, so you could have even become a professor, or lawyer, or even a doctor

Mum: Yes of course. I wanted to become a professor.

Son: So why didn’t you do it?

Mum: That one I will explain to you when you become a little bit older. But it’s not too late, mum can still do it.