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Communication in the Home

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At Passionfordifference (PFD), we understand that communication is essential for solid and healthy relationships between parents, children, and caregivers. However, navigating this aspect of parenting can be incredibly challenging for immigrant families in Norway, particularly when multiple languages are involved.

Many multicultural parents face a difficult decision: which language should they use at home? Should it be the mother’s native tongue, the father’s language, or Norwegian? This choice becomes even more crucial when children start daycare and school. They master the Norwegian language and culture while often losing their mother/father tongue and culture.  At this stage, parents who are not as proficient as their children can struggle with feelings of misunderstanding and disconnection.

This is where PFD steps in. We are dedicated to supporting immigrant families by offering resources, seminars, and workshops designed to enhance communication within the family. Our programs provide practical communication strategies that may bridge language gaps. We aim to ensure that every family member feels heard and understood and to create a harmonious environment where parents and children can thrive.

Join us in our mission to foster better communication and stronger bonds within immigrant families in Norway. Together, we can build a future where every family feels connected and supported, regardless of their language.