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Communication in the Home

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Communication is an important aspect of parenting and childcare. It is the basic act that creates strong bonds and connections between parents and their children or others who have the responsibility of caring for children either as a job or free will. A key element in communication is no doubt language. Be it a mother tongue, or a second or third language, it is important that both parties understand what is being communicated, and in this case, the parents or careers and the children.

The challenge faced by most multicultural parents in Norway when it comes to communicating with their children, especially during the early stages of upbringing is the choice of language. This becomes even more difficult if both parents do not have the same mother tongue. What language should we use? Is it the mother tongue, the father’s language, or Norwegian? When the children start daycare and school, it becomes even more clear that this affects not just the ability of the parents to communicate properly with their children but also it inhibits the children’s ability to effectively learn and use Norwegian as a major language and their mother’s vice versa.

Over time when the children pick up Norwegian and start using it effectively, their multicultural parents who may not be as good at speaking and understanding Norwegian are caught up in a constant dilemma of misunderstanding and ineffective communication with their children. Passion for Difference seeks to address these challenges by informing parents on how to find simple communication skills to enable understanding in the family through our seminars and workshops.